About Me - Diarus Jackson

Hi, I’m Diarus, you can call me DJ. I’m a twenty-something African-American husband and father and I KNIT and CROCHET. I love being able to create with my hands, but with that comes a level of perfectionism. Being a perfectionist keeps me going the extra mile and learning more. 

At the age of 22 my granny taught me the basics of crocheting by giving me a hook and some yarn. I couldn’t wait to learn more, so I got some more supplies and headed to YouTube. It was an entire world filled with tutorials on stitches, techniques and patterns. After getting a few down I decided to make my first ever “yarn project” - a scarf. It was uneven, of course, but I managed to successfully change yarn colors in the work. I was amazed by what I created from just a ball of yarn. I was able to show my granny my project right before she passed. She was happy that I took what she showed me and went further. 

The following year after my granny passed I met my wife at a church event. We both were volunteering and were able to spend a lot of time getting to know each other and becoming good friends. After I revealed to her that I crochet, she proceeded to teach me to knit. Once I mastered the basics I then went on to try my first knitted project. I attempted to make a fairly simple beanie. Let’s just say it took a little longer than I anticipated…but hey I finished it! 

Since learning how to crochet and knit I have discovered a fascination for dyed yarns. So much so that I have decided to try my hand at hand-dyeing, no pun intended. I hope you all will join me on this new adventure, let’s see where the ride takes us.